• Ali Mysiorek

The Beginning of Vehicle Graphics

Dairy Trucks were the early 20th century adopters of vehicle lettering and graphics. The concept of vehicle graphics originated in the 19th century with traveling sales men who would paint their horse drawn carriages to promote their goods and services. But when the horseless carriage came along, the dairies who delivered milk to millions of door steps around the country didn't miss a beat. These early vehicle graphics were created by skilled sign painters. The letters and images were hand painted on the delivery trucks.

Today you can find vehicle graphic for every type of business - from local delivery and contractor service vehicles to emergency vehicles to national brands and distributors.

The processes and technology has developed to a point where you can put virtually any image or message on your vehicle. With high resolution wide format printing and sophisticated conforming adhesive vinyls, complex colors and fine details, including photography are now applied to vehicles as a powerful and highly effecient means of advertsiing and growing a business.

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