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Why are vehicle decals important?

When it comes to advertsing and choosing print media as your source for an advertising media, you have to do your research as to where the people will see your ad. Will they see it in the newspaper? a brochure? a mail out?

How many people actually read the flyers and newspapers that come to their homes? Around Christmas time it is statistically proven that people are more likely to read the newspapers and watch for deals and check out the flyers. But, if it isnt anywhere near a holiday people tend to use them as future packing materials, puppy pads or just chuck them for the most part. Is that cost effective knowing more then 80% of the people won't see your ad?

When you purchase rental signs you have to pay for the city permit to have it placed in certain areas unless you choose to place the signs on your own property or have an agreement with other business owners to place your signs on their property as well. This is great for grabbing passing vehicles attention, but chances are they are watching the road and not seeing the full amount of what you are trying to advertise on your sign. Signs are a great way to get the attention of pedestirans as well, or putting them inside your business to advertise a local sale. Do you know how to get people to see your name from across the city without paying for a permit?

Vehicle Decals or Vehicle Wraps!

These are the most cost effective advertising out on the market for digital advertising that is available to any business at a low cost! They are 24/7 billboards and with the right graphic designer doing the wrap or designing the decals... the possibilities are endless. Make sure you do your research on the graphic designer and get a couple people to proof the artwork before you approve anything. There are some designers out there that will recycle artwork and use it on many different vehicles. It would be like showing up for work in your casual clothes and haveing someone else wearing the same thing... in retrospect that's pretty much the closest analogy that I can think of.

What if your competitors colors are the same as yours and you want to stand out? A great designer, and a great wrap will put your company in a different league compared to your competitor. When it comes to vehicle wraps and decals, people are more likely to remember your vehicle when it is time to be a customer because they will remember how professional your vehicle looked, they seen it when they weren't looking for you but remember it because they see it on the roads. When you aren't using the vehicle you can park it in high visible areas to use as a billboard / sign.

Reflective decals are a great way to still stand out in the evening. When the lights hit it, it makes it "POP" people don't miss it and it grabs your attention, much like an emergency vehicle does.

If you are considering putting your logo and business information on your vehicle, speak with a trained professional graphic designer about how you can stand out and take pride in your brand. Be original, don't settle for less and make sure you are happy with what you decide to do as the decals can last 10 years if taken care of properly. Typically they say 5 years just so you don't expect that they are going to last the lifetime of a vehicle but they definately can last a long time!

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