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Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are a great way to show the public what you do with a mobile billboard it allows you to have 24 hour advertising in all areas of the open road. Full color prints on high quality vinyl materials. We have everything in-stock to get the job done quickly, efficiently and correctly. The wrapping process can sometimes take a day or two depending on the project, we thrive on our installation team who will meet your satisfaction every time! 

How long does it last?

This is the most common question that we are asked when it comes to vehicle wraps or any wraps for that matter. Typically a wrap can last up to 10 years if the vehicle is kept in prime conditions. Sometimes it will only last 3-4... these are some things you need to consider

+ Does the vehicle typically sit out in the sun all the time where it can fade?

+ Does the vehicle go down dirt roads where rock chips can occur?
+ Does the driver of the vehicle tend to hit things causing scratches or dents?
+ Do you wash the vehicle regularly? And where do you wash the vehicle?
+ How do you store the vehicle during the day and night?
+ Does the vehicle have pre-existing rust, dents or scratches before the install?

Vinyl Decals

Decals are a great way to customize your vehicle, windows, doors, walls and much more! There isn't typically a surface that vinyl decals doesn't stick to. You may wish to have one of our customer service specialists analyze the surface area in advance just to make sure! Vinyl decals can last up to 15 years if they aren't in any way compromised. When you install the decals you will want to make sure you don't end up with air bubbles, which is why we recommend having them installed by a professional. When considering vinyl decals ask yourself:

+ Do they need to be digitally printed? 

+ Does the surface area have chips, cracks or dents?
+ Do you wish to have them installed on an outdoor surface?
+ Will the area be kept clean of debris and properly taken care of?
+ If indoors - will the vinyl decals be in an area where people will touch them?
+ Does the decal need to be less then 1/4" thin?

+ How often do you plan to replace them?

Dibond - Coroplast - Lexan & More

Are you in need of a simple sign made that you only need for a couple days or an event? Does your sign need to last atleast 5 years and have to be mounted outside? Is the sign needed to be seen from a far away distance? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before ordering a sign

+ How long does the sign need to stay up?

+ Does it need to light up?

+ Will it sit in a frame?

+ Does it need to be outdoors or indoors?
+ Is price a factor?
+ Will you be wanting to re-use these signs at a later date?
+ Will it be displayed outdoors during storm season?
+ Are you wanting it to be highly visible?
+ How do you plan on posting the sign?
+ Does it need to have a frame? or metal step stakes?
+ Will this sign be in places where the public can easily damage it

Magnetic or Temporary Signs

Magnetic Signs are an awesome way to advertise without the permanent display of decals or a wrap on your vehicle. You can have your logo displayed during the event / day and then take it off during the night when used as a personal vehicle. Or, if you deal with certain rules and regulations you may be required to drive an unmarked vehicle for certain things, this makes the convenience of removing the magnetic piece much easier then trying to peel decals when such an event comes up! Magnetic Signs are also a great way to change up as often as you want without having to re-print multiple pieces and having to pay for more materials. Coroplast may also be an option for a temporary sign. 


Some things you should know about magnetic signs and decals 

+ Is this an indoor or outdoor banner?

+ Will you be hanging this banner vertically or horizontally?
+ Do you want the banner to come with a stand of its own?
+ What size of banner are you looking for?
+ Is this something you want to be displayed permanently?
+ How much information do you want on the display?
+ Does the banner need to be made to withstand the weather?
+ Do you plan to roll the banner up after?
+ How big of display is needed? should you consider a sign instead?

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