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Indoor & Outdoor Signs

Dibond - Coroplast - Lexan & More

Are you in need of a simple sign made that you only need for a couple days or an event? Does your sign need to last atleast 5 years and have to be mounted outside? Is the sign needed to be seen from a far away distance? Do you need it to light up? Signs that are meant to last are built with better products, frames and materials so that they can endure the wicked weather of mother nature. They are meant to be outdoors and can last longer without fading, breaking and bending. Diagnose your outdoor situation before considering what option is best for you, or have someone on the Abacus team assist you with what we believe will be the better option for your lasting signage.  Ask yourself these questions... it could help you decide what option is best for you! 

+ How long does the sign need to stay up?

+ Does it need to light up?

+ Will it sit in a frame?

+ Does it need to be outdoors or indoors?
+ Is price a factor?
+ Will you be wanting to re-use these signs at a later date?
+ Will it be displayed outdoors during storm season?
+ Are you wanting it to be highly visible?
+ How do you plan on posting the sign?
+ Does it need to have a frame? or metal step stakes?
+ Will this sign be in places where the public can easily damage it

For more information about what signage would work best for you, please contact us today! 306-477-1900 or fill out the form below and we will get back to you! 


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