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Banners & Temp Signs

Banners, coroplast signs and magnetic decals are an awesome way to advertise without the permanent display of decals or a wrap on your vehicle. You can have your logo displayed during the event / day and then take it off during the night when used as a personal vehicle. Or, if you deal with certain rules and regulations you may be required to drive an unmarked vehicle for certain things, this makes the convenience of removing the magnetic piece much easier then trying to peel decals when such an event comes up! Magnetic Signs are also a great way to change up as often as you want without having to re-print multiple pieces and having to pay for more materials. Coroplast may also be an option for a temporary sign. Coroplast signs aren't typically displayed on a vehicle but can be used for indoor or an out door environment as long as they are stored properly. Using something to hold it up will always allow it to last longer in the extreme weather that we get in Saskatchewan. Banners are also another great option for temporary signage. With the ability to re-use pop up banners you can change out the banner as certain seasons arise. There is also the traditional banner display as well that can be hung on the walls with as many different grommet options. You can choose where the grommets are located on the banners as well. You can also put grommets on coroplast signs as well to hang if you so wish! 


Common questions asked about Magnetic Signs, Banners, and temporary signs are:

+ Is this an indoor or outdoor banner or sign?

+ Will you be hanging this banner vertically or horizontally?
+ Do you want the banner to come with a stand of its own?
+ What size of banner are you looking for?
+ Is this something you want to be displayed permanently?
+ How much information do you want on the display?
+ Does the banner need to be made to withstand the weather?
+ Do you plan to roll the banner up after?
+ How big of display is needed? should you consider a sign instead?

For more information about Magnetic Signs, Banners and Temporary Signage please contact us today!
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